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Episodes List

This list of American voice actors is as far as the end of R ("17 New") and does not extend towards into the new S and SuperS dubs.

Serena/Sailor Moon:       Tracey Moore (eps. 1-11, 13, 21, 41)
                          Terri Hawkes (all others)
Ami/Sailor Mercury:       Karen Bernstein
Rei/Sailor Mars:          Katie Griffin (up to 65), Emilie Barlow (66+)
Lita/Sailor Jupiter:      Susan Roman 
Darien/Tuxedo Mask:       Rino Romano (1-11), Toby Proctor (12-65), Vince
                          Corraza (66+)
Mina/Sailor Venus:        Stephanie Morganstern 
Luna:                     Jill Frappier
Artemis:                  Ron Rubin
Sailor Pluto/Luna Ball:   Jill Frappier (58), Sabrina Grdevich (61+)
Molly:                    Mary Long
Melvin:                   Roland Parliament
Andrew:                   Colin O'Meara
Rini:                     Traci Hoyt
Queen Beryl:              Naz Edwards
Jedite [sic]:             Tony Daniels
Neflite [sic]:            Kevin Lund
Zoycite [sic]:            Kirsten Bishop
Malachite:                Dennis Akayama
Queen Metallia/Negaforce: Maria Vacratsis
Alan:                     Vince Carraza
Ann(e):                   Sabrina Grdevich
Doom Tree/Tree of Life:   Liz Hannah
Catzy:		          Alice Poon (54-60), Mary Long (61+)
Avery:                    Jennifer Griffiths
Birdie:                   Kathy Laskey
Prizma:                   Norma Dell'Agnese
Rubius:                   Rob Tinkler 
Wiseman:	  	  Tony Daniels
Emerald:                  Kirsten Bishop
Prince Diamond:           Robert Bockstael
Prince Sapphire:          Lyon Smith
Wicked Lady:              Liz Brown
Queen Serenity:           Wendy Lyon
Sammy:                    Julie Lemieux
Serena's Mom:             Barbara Radecki
Serena's Dad:             David Hubard
Patricia Haruna:          Nadine Rabinovitch
Grandpa:                  David Fraser
Chad:                     Steve Bednarski
Announcer:                Chris Wiggins
Monster of the Day:       Harvey Atkins, Lindsay Collins, Lisa Dalbello,
			  Tony Daniels, David Fraser, Terri Hawkes, Elva Mai
			  Hoover, Loretta Jafelice, Julie Lemieux, Allison
			  Sealy-Smith, Maria Vacratisis
Background voices:	  Steve Bednarski, Chris Britton, Lindsay Collins,
			  Tony Daniels, David Fraser, Hillary Goldhar, Loretta
			  Jafelice, Julie Lemieux, Roland Parliament, Alice
			  Poon, Nadine Rabinovitch, Greg Swanson

Mr. Baxter:               Chris Wiggins
Game Machine Joe:         Rino Romano
Jordan (baby):            Tony Daniels
Peter Fisher:             Joel Feeney
Greg:                     Eric Kimmel
Peggy Jones:              Katherine Trowell
Misha:                    Jeff Lumby
Jenelle:                  Tracey Hoyt
Mika:                     Kathy Laskey
Mika's Mother:            Wendy Lyon
Chess Tower owner:        Roland Parliament
Countess Rose:            Wendy Lyon
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