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Intro To Japanese

Konnichiwa minnasan, and welcome to the new section of You may have noticed, that many otaku enjoy using certain Japanese words in their conversations, and some have even gone as far as actually trying to learn the language (like me =p). If you too are interested about learning Japanese, or just want to know the basic words that you're likely to encounter on the web, then you've come to the right place ^_^. Here we have a FUT (Frequently Used Terms), and weekly lessons in Japanese. If there is enough interest I'll consider having a kanji of the week (If you don't as of yet know what Kanji is, check out the FUT ^_~). The lessons will be added (hopefully)weekly, and will cover the basics of pronounciation, grammar, and reading skills. If you have a suggestion for what you want to see covered or just have a comment/question, drop me a line at [email protected] or ICQ me at 36178985. (Now remember that I'm not as of yet fluent in Japanese, so if I do make a *gasp* mistake, feel free to point it out to me. )

Now before we get started, there is this little matter of viewing Japanese characters on your computers. The Japanese characters on these pages will be encoded with the Shift-Jis (Japanese Industrial System) method, which is the standard Japanese language code. If you are using the later versions (4 and up) of Netscape or Internet Explorer then click on the links provided to go to their respective component pages, and just download the Japanese language pack. Also has a very good shareware program called NJWin which allows you to view Japanese characters in any application. There is also a freeware Japanese Text Processor called JWPce, which features a built in dictionary.

Now Lets Get Started

FUT: Some of the more common Japanese words and expressions used by anime fans.

Lesson 1 : Pronunciation

Lesson 2: Numbers, and Counting

Lesson 3: Reading, Intro and Part 1

Lesson 3 part 2: Hiragana

Lesson 3 part 3: Intro to Kanji

Lesson 4: Basic Honorifics and Expressions

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