I have come to understand that MANY of you can't figure out how to get the layouts they download onto their sites... this is a VERY simple process and i'm going to explain in through detail how to do it..
FIRST you need WINZIP if you don't have winzip you can get it from winzip.com...
SECOND create a folder on your desktop called "layout" open that folder and create ANOTHER folder and name it "images"
THIRD extract ALL of the winzip files to C:/desktop/layout(on pc.. on mac i think its mac hp something or other) or browse to find the folder you created.
FOURTH open the folder "layouts" from your desktop. move all of the images into the "images" folder. you can now close WINZIP
FIFTH now that you have the files you need to UPLOAD them to your server...

If you are using Anime Web Host // If you are using another site manager