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The Holy Knight cometh! :D Thats right, I have returned from the dead. I have taken a little time off the Tenshi-Shoujo/*Kawaii Glitter* project to spiff up this place somemore. ^_^ New layout for Tuxy, more stuff for the Site Help. I am probably going to employ one of my friends from Bananas turned brown to make some more advanced layouts for this place. But don't expect more advanced layouts than simple ones. ^_^ This is a beginners Site Help site, you know.. I decided to once again take layout requests! Just make it simple, minna. I'll add some more layouts soon too. (For the simple layout section.) No Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon though. ^_~ CJ made enough of those! Probably Weiß Kreuz, CLAMP, or Tanemura Arina artwork ones. I'll have some more video game ones too. ;_; I neglect the video game genre here.. I feel kinda bad or something.
~Agrias Oaks

Ahh agrias returns, yay!~Cj
Updated 7/9/01:
  • New Kenshin layout by cj :)
  • New BBS Sig pics section
  • New Tutorials for layout publishing. <--took forever to type
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