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Sailor Moon Expanded

Fanfic Universe

Updated Feburary 28, 2002

Sailor Moon Expanded is a shared fan fiction universe intended to expand on the Japanese animation series Sailor Moon without conflicting with what is already there. It is our goal to tell stories of things that enhance and expand the wonderful work of art that Naoko Takeuchi created. The stories are also internally consistent with each other which allows character exchanges between authors and crossovers with other member's works.

Changes for Febuary 28, 2002:

New light through old windows - Many old stories are being reformatted to improve readability. So far, this has been done for works by Andy, Becky, Berk, Ben, Craig Reed, Craig Beard and Doug as well as the Silliness page; other authors will be reformatted in the near future until they are all done. All new stories and updates will be done this way (barring author prefrence) from now on.


Silliness Behind the Scenes at SME Part 7 The Hokas Return! New Part 8: The Authors Strike Back... New
Art Page
Younger Senshi All the Yonger Senshi by Tall Terror New - Well, not really new but I uploaded it last year and forgot to put it on the art page so you're seeing it for the first tim so that makes it new.
Changes for Febuary 11, 2002:
Ron Inn After The Fall - Part 8 New
James Reid On The Brink - Part 1 New
Quicksilver, Hector Cruz and Lady Shadow Tales of the Trio part 1: On Stage! The Return of the Amazon Trio! New
Art Page
Wallpapers for your computer By Becky Malsin and Tall Terror New
Lady Shadow Berylís Requiem part 3: Beginnings and Brutality New

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